st albans band 1920.jpg

“130 years old and still going strong!”

St Albans City Band was formed in 1892 and very quickly established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the contest field, going under the name of the St. Albans City Silver Prize Band.  The picture to the left shows the Band in 1920.


Our Old Bandroom

Purchased in 1934, the building was already dilapidated at the time and the band spent some time bringing it back up to standard. The original building is believed to date to around 1850 and is sited on Sopwell Lane, a lane consisting mainly of small cottages mostly dating from the 1800 – 1850 period, with …


Memories from George Wright

George joined the St Albans British Legion Band in 1934, aged 12 on Tenor Horn. After service during the Second World War, George rejoined the City Band, and stayed there until 1971.      


Band Photograph 1967

St Albans Band are seen here in 1967 after purchasing their new uniform jackets and instruments with a grant from St Albans City Council.Designed by the haute coiture designer Hardy Aimes, these oatmeal jackets were supposedly the height of fashion at the time, although today one would probably just think of them as another lot of beige …


Band Photographs 1953

After the Second World War, the two main bands in the city amalgamated to for the St Albans City and British Legion Band. Players from each got together to form a viable banding force in the city and some members from the British Legion band, including George Peck and George Wright remained in the City …


The St Albans City Training Band

The St Albans City Training Band was formed in March 1978 by music teacher Arthur Waddington, a former player of the famous Wingates Temperence Band. The band was formed to train and encourage school leavers to continue playing when they left school, although the band started with only eight of Mr Waddington’s pupils, it quickly …